Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheapskate Challenge: Passing Gas

There is an old saying that "Idle Time is the Devil's Playground." Well, I do not know if that is true or not but I do know for sure that idling your car is hell on your pocket book. With gas prices starting their ascent again, prices are up 20 cents on average from where they were a month ago, any small difference we can make in the way we drive our cars to impact our mileage and overall gas consumption is bound to have a positive impact on our pocketbook. There are lots of things that can be done from carpooling and public transport, to walking or riding your bike, to forgoing the air conditioning that can have a huge impact on your monthly gasoline bill. But when it comes to saving money, a good Cheapskate realizes that even the smallest changes can make a difference. Here is one small change you can focus on this week to improve your gas consumption.

Give up the good parking spot. Your cheapskate challenge this week is to avoid wasteful idle time in your car. Cars were made to transport too and from and idling your car is an activity that gives you zero return on your investment. Instead of wasting precious gas circling the parking lot over and over to get the ideal spot, take the first open and easiest spot to get to that you can find. The exercise of walking too and from the building will do you some good and you won't be burning through cash that could be applied towards something useful. And yes, this includes drive thrus as well.

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Don Early said...

This is totally true. Try and avoid bad traffic too, even more. I spent 2.5 hours on the 405 (I know, my bad, but still) last week. As much as I love my Mini, I love going forward in my Mini. Sitting still... hell I can do that in my driveway.

Camille said...

The only time I really have trouble not using the a/c is when it's effing hot. Like today!

Family Time said...

i am late posting my comment but I like to load my bike and the girls' trailer in the van. I then park at my store and ride my bike all over my little town to save on gas.