Sunday, June 28, 2009

Greek-Flavored Turkey Burgers

What is a girl to do when Jennie-O Turkey goes on sale for $1.99/lb? Make Turkey Burgers of course! In searching the various turkey burger recipes on I gravitated to the Greek-Flavored Turkey Burgers first of all because it was given the highest reader rating review - five out of five stars. Also, since I've recently decided that we were not getting enough fruits and veggies in our diet, the fact that it incorporated red onions, fresh mint, dill and lemon juice into the patty mixture was a huge bonus. I thought the use of Roasted Red Peppers as a burger condiment as opposed to your standard lettuce and tomato was also a nice touch. Finally, the thing that really sold me from the reviews was how the egg white mixture really helped to bind everything together and allowed the patties stand up to the grill. Anyone who has ever cooked turkey burgers knows what a crumbly dry mess they can become as they cook. These mediterranean inspired turkey burgers were not only delicious and bursting with flavor, but also remained moist and juicy without undercooking. The recommended cook time of 8 minutes per side sounds like a lot, but this recipe is spot on. Eight minutes per side is just enough time to cook the meat all the way through while giving the onions a nice grilled softness and a slight crispy brownness to the outer layer of the burger. Don and I served these on Trader Joes Whole Wheat Buns with a little bit of mayo and dijon mustard. Some leftover corn on the cob with a pat of butter that we had picked up last week at 25 cents a piece was our only required accompiniment to this super easy, super quick weeknight dinner. According to the recipe these burgers freeze quite well also so now we have two additional patties in the freezer for a convenient meal sometime in the near future. To freeze burgers, simply wrap the shaped uncooked patties individually in clear plastic wrap being sure to squeeze out all the air. Then cover in foil. The patties will keep frozen for up to 2 months. When ready to eat, thaw completely in the refrigerator (about 24 hours) and then cook as directed. Will I make this again? You bet your Hamburger Buns!


Camille said...

VONS had Jennie O ground turkey on sale, 2 for $6, so I picked up a couple and threw one in the freezer. I am definitely making these burgers next week! :)

Cindy said...

By the way, we just thawed out the frozen ones for dinner tonight and they turned out really well! Kept the full flavor and no freezer burn!