Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bargain Hunter: Grocery Specials

Spending a few extra minutes to browse the weekly grocery adds before planning your meals for the week can save big dollars. The key when bargain hunting is to watch for sales on staple foods that you would normally buy anyway but not to get carried away with "bargains" on impulse buys or non-necessities. Once you identify a few good deals, run a search on recipes that maximize those key ingredients. Posted here are the bargain specials of the week from my local Fresh and Easy Grocery store and a few recipes I'll be cooking up for a fraction of their normal cost. Prices are good through March 24th.

Cajun Shrimp and Rice - Uses $3.99 Shrimp and $.98 Bell Peppers
Skewers of Rosemary Chicken and Zucchini - Uses $1.77 Chicken Breasts and $.98 Lemons
Grilled Herb Tomatoes - Uses $.98 Roma Tomatoes
Grilled Herb Coated Chicken Breasts - Uses $1.77 Chicken Breasts and $.98 Lemons


Camille said...

I think this week we're going to spend the extra time in the car and check out that Fresh and Easy on Eagle Rock Blvd this week and next. Maybe the extra time in the car will be well worth the savings, who knows?

Cindy said...

Cool. Let me know if you find any good deals!