Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bargain Hunters: Cheap Wine

I love a good bottle of wine but I'm not a wine snob. Trader Joe's offers an entire selection of affordable wines like the above 2007 Voignier by Bears' Lair winery in California. At only $3.99 a bottle, that equates to approximatley 75 cents a glass. There are definitely better wines out there, but it is very drinkable with some nice complexities. Cool, crisp, and slightly on the dry side, it has a strong finish with some peach undertones and a bit of spice. Hubby and I and our friend Paige decided this would be best paired with a mixed plate of sliced granny smith apple, some sharp white cheddar cheese, dried apricots and some concord grapes. It would also make a nice lunch accompaniment to a waldorf or chicken salad.


Camille said...

Matt and I love this challenge. Find a bottle of wine that you want at $5 or under - GO!!

Cindy said...

Awesome! Maybe I'll try one new TJ's bottle a week to review on my blog.