Saturday, June 13, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

When looking for ways to cut the grocery bill, don't forget breakfast for dinner as an option. There are lots of satisfying breakfast/brunch type recipes out there that can feed a family of four on $10 or less. For example, try a nice plate of french toast or pancakes with eggs and bacon on the side. Want to class up the meal a bit without dropping a lot of extra cash? Try using french bread instead of regular sliced sandwich bread and pick up an inexpensive bottle of sparkling wine and jug of OJ for a tasty mimosa treat.

Also, I had a carton of eggs that was about to go bad this week so I tried a couple new recipes and the result was a huge success. I made a Red Bell Pepper Frittata form Cooking Light along with Lemon-Raspberry Muffins off the website. As a light recipe, the Frittata uses a combination of whole eggs and egg whites to reduce cholesterol, but then also adds in cooked couscous as a way to make the dish more satisfying. I'm surprised that the readers only rated the dish four stars. My own personal taste would definitely rate it a full five, especially considering how cheap it was to make. Except for the red bell pepper which I found on sale for $1.00, all of the other ingredients were items that I normally have on hand in my pantry. We will certainly make this again.

The Lemon Raspberry Muffins were not so much a light recipe but everything is good in moderation right? Again, the great thing about baking is that most ingredients are typically items already in your pantry. Plus, Raspberries are really hitting their season about now so you can find some excellent sales for these regularly expensive treats. Best deal I've caught so far is 99 cents at Farm Boy in Sherman Oaks for a 6 ounce carton. If you can't find reasonably priced fresh raspberries, frozen work just as well. By the way, out of sheer laziness (and the fact that I don't have a pastry cutter), I skipped the crumble topping and the muffins still turned out just great.

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emilie said...

In case you're ever feeling ambitious when you make these muffins or other crumble-top pastries again, my mom always used a double-fork action in place of a pastry cutter. One large dinner fork in each hand, a little more flour than called for, and you just kind of hash mark the dough... just enough to crumble it without mixing it too much.